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What is a 'good' diet?

Posted by Issac Ishak on

πŸ’₯π—ͺ𝐑𝐚𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐀𝐞𝐬 𝐚 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐝𝐒𝐞𝐭?!πŸ’₯⁣

β€’ Adequacy

β€’ Balance

β€’ Energy control

β€’ Nutrient density⁣

β€’ Moderation

β€’ Variety

β€’ Its pleasurability

β€’ Its affordability

β€’ It’s accessible

β€’ It’s practical

β€’ Environmentally sustainable

β€’ πˆπ“β€™π’ πŒπ€πˆππ“π€πˆππ€ππ‹π„

Depending on the client and their goal, different weight will be placed on different factors and different meanings will be given, for example what’s pleasurable to one may not be pleasurable to another. Energy control will mean being in a slight surplus for those wanting to build, while it will mean being in a deficit for those wanting to lose.

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a diet for you or your clients, and if anybody claims that one single diet ticks all of these boxes for everyone - they’re full of shit.

When it comes to trying to achieve ANY body composition related goal- it must always start with optimizing health.

If you struggle to even remember what you ate for lunch yesterday, then don’t stress your pretty little head and focus on:⁣ 
- Quality sleep⁣ πŸ’€
- Consistent balanced meals with protein and vegetables⁣ πŸ₯—
- Chewing, not swallowing like a snake⁣
- Water, 3+L depending on your size and activity⁣

Now, in saying all that. If you have been eating well for a number of years, know how different foods impact your health and well-being, have kept all other things in balance, and now (with your foundation developed) you want to explore different variables to maximize things like muscle building, fat loss, etc.. Then go on, go for it :)

Keep it simple, until it needs to be complex, but you have to understand the complexity in order to put the advanced pieces together.

But what about for Lazy Linda down the street? Who has 3 kids, is stressed, not sleeping properly, eating 1000 calories a day, surviving on shakes, and is a cardio bunny? Well for her, the goal should probably start with restoring health. Not inducing a dangerously aggressive calorie deficit.

Often times you have people who argue about β€˜the best’ way to achieve fat loss, and the answer isn’t as simple as many people make it out to seem.

β€˜The best’ way to achieve fat loss is to pick a dietary regimen that you’re able to sustain over the long term, that supports health, and eventually... helps you achieve an average cal deficit over time.

Sure a cal deficit is the most important mechanism for fat loss, but stating that doesn’t negate the fact that things like macros, micros, nutrient timing, hormonal status, etc.. Having a nutritional system- are all variables that allow someone to achieve fat loss successfully.

The odds of someone achieving fat loss goals with no nutritional system, other than calories, is much LESS effective that implementing protocols that support better habits and behaviors to achieve a cal deficit. I think ultimately what we need to be doing is adding more context to these types of conversations.

Think about it as the pictures on the wall of your home. It starts with a house, then you get furniture, power, and water, and once all that’s said and done- now, you can think about some pictures to hang. Until you have the foundation set, getting caught up on the details will only cause more stress than is needed.⁣

And guess what else…. Constant stress, be it mental and/or physical, if not managed, can lead to even more DIS-EASE in the body.

Deep breath...⁣ Don’t stress yourself out even more.

The good news is: wherever you’re currently at in your journey. It’s not to late to level up and start to make a change for the better. :)

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