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This is our story

Here at Hawk Fit OUR main goal as coaches is to provide our clients with the BEST coaching services they've ever experienced. Whether that be from building muscle to lowering your body fat percentage. Our main goal is to help you achieve the best shape of your life, with a sustainable approach.

Now, here's what separates us from other coaches:

In the fitness space there are, so many sources preaching different things that don't even make sense. This leads people to feel overwhelmed and unable to make effective progress toward their specific goal.

"Don't eat this food if you want to lose weight"


"Do this exercise to revel your six-pack".

One thing that I believe gets miscommunicated across the board is that fitness is something that's very individualized.

For example Approach A may work for Person A, but there's no guarantee that it will work for Person B. People are, so mind-blowingly different that it's virtually impossible to create nutrition and training protocols that works for everyone.

A program that isn't customized for your personal needs is like hoping to fit into a tailored suit that wasn't tailored to your fit. 

Hawk Fit Coaching is here to raise the standard in today's fitness industry. Whether your goal be maximizing your muscular potential, decreasing your overall body-fat percentage, effectively attacking a contest prep, or just plainly getting in the best shape of your life— every client is provided with a customized resistance training program and personalized nutrition protocols.

The structure in coaching is based off two principals: ADHERENCE and LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY.

Getting in shape and making a change is one thing, but doing it correctly and being able to maintain that change is another- and that's where many people today fail. 

Create a vision, set a goal, understand how to utilize and evidence based approach, and unlock your potential as an individual!

We're invested in ALL our clients success just as much as they are, so without further adieu...



When I was younger I pursued a career in Nursing- that was an Avenue that didn’t particularly work out, but I’m very thankful for the experience as it provided me with a foundational understanding of anatomy, physiology, psychology, and communication.

Before I became a full time online coach I coached people for free online for 2 years while I was in nursing school to gain more experience and because helping others was something I genuinely loved to do. This was back in 2015!

I sacrificed everything to get to where I am today. Lived in my car, while working two jobs, staying consistent with my training, all while putting every ‘free’ second/extra dollar I had into building Hawk Fit.

After taking the jump on myself. 2017-2018 were spent exclusively dedicating every second to networking, going to workshops, doing everything I could to facilitate growth.

My 2019 competitive bodybuilding season I realized the power that is inside of me. It’s a power that’s inside all of us!

2019-2021 were dedicated to continuing my education and stepping into my role as an educator for my athletes, clients, and team.

My goal is to leave an impact in the industry. That will be done by leading by example and setting the standard.


Before I met Chris, I was still struggling to find my lane and what I wanted to do with my life. Through the years, Chris has taught me me that if you don’t put bodybuilding into perspective, you run the risk of letting it run your life. Chris is the true symbol of natural bodybuilding, dedication, patience, hard work, and doing more than what’s expected. He goes above and beyond in every way to bring value to others lives. Through how he holds himself as an athlete, coach, researcher, and professor it’s a big privilege to have some of that rub off on me, and call him my brother. Outside of bodybuilding, he’s one of the most genuine, humble humans I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.


When we first met in 2016, I needed to let him know how much of an impact he had on my journey. Eventually, that started the basis for our friendship. Fast-forward to today, he’s like a brother to me. I tell this to him every time we talk, or get together, but if it wasn’t for that initial encounter I don’t think I’d be where I am today. I was lost after getting kicked out of nursing school and was simply going through the motions in pharmacy school. I had this thing that I REALLY enjoyed doing that I was good AT, but I was so scared to take that jump, & believe in myself.  Matt believed in me before I believed in myself. To this day, it means so much to me because I know how lost I was at the time. He believed in what I wanted to accomplish and the person I want to be. #1 reason why surrounding yourself with people who support/believe in your mission is everything.


Fun fact Jeff actually coached me back in 2015, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. I truly believe in his methodologies and perspective when it comes to coaching practices/training/nutrition/life.. I feel like the initial experience I had while working under Jeff was one that allowed me to create my OWN approaches and it lit my spark for natural bodybuilding. Thank you for the role that you’ve played in my growth. The perspective I gained from working with you a couple years back is something I absolutely cherish and try to embody not only as a bodybuilder, but as a coach— more importantly as a human being.


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
You can see how this works. We’re social creatures and that means we’re always going to be influenced by other people’s mindset, beliefs, limits, and ambitions. As a result, you’ll empower yourself to hit your goals if you’re surrounded by people on a similar wavelength to you. That’s because their actions will provide reference points and examples to inspire your own choices. WILL is the OG of the evidence based scene, someone I not only consider part of my inner circle, but someone who inspires me to strive for greatness. Will leads by example and helping countless clients all over the world to create an impact and results by striving to optimize client compliance with education and communication.


Coach Eugene is someone I had the pleasure of meeting and learning under late 2019. One of the biggest thing my friendship with Eugene has allowed me to realize is... I know A LOT more than I give myself credit for and since then this has been something I've working on. I'm sure self-doubt is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Moreover, he's also allowed me to realize that "the world is your oyster" or something like that and the only person holding you back from achieving the things you want- is ultimately yourself. When you stop doubting yourself and realize what you’re truly capable of you’ll start moving differently. You know your true potential, you’ll start holding yourself more accountable to the things you say, all because you respect yourself that much more! I can't wait to crush some legs next time we're together!!


Eric is someone I've learned so much from! He's someone I look up to, and it was super memorable hitting some poses and speaking Arabic with him back stage- at the first show of my second competitive season. I’ve learned so much from him, his work and I can’t thank you him enough for expanding my mind and pushing the envelope for logical/evidence based practices. Critical thinking, logic, and reason are the prerequisite backbones of science. Science cannot be used or interpreted effectively without these underlying factors being exercised. Science is the tool. It is an extremely helpful tool for testing specific (often hyper-specific) hypotheses and drawing potential conclusions from the results. The specific results of individual or groups of studies must then be carefully used to help paint a bigger picture of the truth. Studies are all minute pieces of a grand puzzle, and it’s the puzzle that matters most. Being someone who loves learning about physiology and having evidence that allows me to cater my approach for myself and clients has been something that’s allowed me to consistently level up over the years and has ultimately driven my growth.

Sam Okunola, 2017 WNBF World Champion

I first met Sam at Muscle Mayhem 2017, I was in my offseason and he was competing! Since then he's been someone I've had the pleasure of getting close to and develop a friendship with. Being I World Champion is one of the many roles that he plays. Outside of bodybuilding he's a Army Veteran, husband and father. He's also one of the most humble humans I know per his catch phrase "Average At Best" Sam is everything a World Champ is supposed to be. Holding himself to a higher standard in and out of the gym always striving for improvement!


"As an athlete, you should never stop striving to be better.. and as a coach you should always strive to improve too."

Alberto (FATHER FLEX) is someone I admired growing into the athlete and coach I am today. His conditioning is always of the highest of levels and to me it truly embodies what a natural athlete is capable of. I had the pleasure of having Alberto on Anabolic Radio Ep. 04 where he enlightened me with a story about a bodybuilder named Jeff Rodriguez. Long story short, Jeff was asked if he’d miss his shredded glutes once competition season was over. He replied, “No, the only time I need them is for show day.” It’s very common to scroll on instagram and see shredded people on your timeline. It’s far less common to see those who commit to long stretches of gaining. “Where you perform your best, probably isn’t going to be your best look— BUT that’s where your ‘BEST’ look is born.” Building muscle is similar to watching paint dry. It’s much harder to grow tissue compared to fat loss. EVERY great physique has it’s period of deep restructuring. Understand that just like in a contest prep monitoring yourself and making adjustments based on your rate of progress is essential. Dieting past single-digit body fat is an extreme goal and it requires a high level of consistency and sacrifice. For longevity as an athlete, it’s imperative to have times where you’re more flexible between contest seasons. That way, when you start a fat loss phase/contest prep, you’ll be ready.