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The Art of Resistance Training

Keep it simple, before it needs to be complex.
…but you have to understand the complexities in order to put the puzzle pieces together. 🧩
A personal trainer, or health care professional's understanding of of the benefits and limitations of different exercises, the resistance they offer, and how they match up to our natural strength profiles is extremely beneficial for long term success and injury prevention.
From a program design perspective this allows for intelligent exercise selection- taking into account individual anthropometrics- differences in our skeletal structure, limb length, proportions, taking into account natural degenerative processes such as, arthritis, even anatomical differences between genders.. IS IMPORTANT.
Our goal in the gym should be to always get more out of less and to be as effective and efficient with what we are doing in the gym.
In 'The Art of Resistance Training' you'll find a comprehensive understanding of basic principles when it comes to muscle physiology, the importance of our nervous system, biomechanics, a practical understanding of the current body of literature and how to apply it, and how to create resistance training programs for yourself or your clients.
I'm incredibly excited for you to dive head-first into expanding your understanding of the basics and complexities of muscle building!