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If you come to me and you want to lose weight, there’s a variety of factors to consider- other than ‘just a calorie deficit’ because we want results that a calorie deficit alone can’t conjure.

‘ISHAK, what are you getting at’

Some coaches who don’t know how to prioritize HEALTH and proper HABIT building, will say “don’t over complicate it. Just get in a calorie deficit, mate” MY rebuttal is that the body IS complex.

If I’m working with a client I don’t want WEIGHT loss.

I want fat loss.

I don’t want you feeling miserable with low energy.

I want you to THRIVE.

The metabolic processes that need to occur for you to mobilize and burn stored fat? Well I want them running as optimal as possible.

I want your brain to be fed so you’re alert.

I want your immune system to be supported so you don’t catch every cold or sickness that’s floating around.

I want to preserve reproductive system so you have a healthy cycle (females) and so your natural testosterone production is maximized (males)- long term health IS important.

I want your skin to shine, your joints not to ache, your stomach not to bloat and cramp, your sleep to be long and deep (Wait! Are we talking about sleep or are we back to the reproductive system? 🤔) and I want you to make all the muscle gains.

I want your mood to be stable and most of all, I want you to be god damn happy and at the same time I want WHATEVER we’re doing to be sustainable for you.

It all comes down to proper prioritization of the right variables.

It’s more than getting from point A to point B, how you feel in the process is just as important. You’re not trying to drive a car that’s on fire just to get to your destination.


This was the topic of discussion for this weeks episode of Anabolic Radio ft. @William_Grazione where we spoke about optimizing health to maximize fat loss- tune in to the full discussion to understand the true value of what makes a successful, sustainable, foundation.

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