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One year ago today, was one of the most memorable days of my life.

At the time, I put everything I had into my 2019 contest prep. I gave every single day, every single session, 100% in every way. As a result of being focused on the processes and ticking the boxes I managed to go home with the W. The next day after stepping on stage, my trophy broke and that made me realize what little value placings and trophy’s actually have.⠀

Bodybuilding is a very subjective sport and it’s very important to keep that in perspective despite winning or losing. You could win first at one show, compete a week later, and place dead last, it all depends on WHO shows up. Which is why it’s a battle of YOU vs YOU. A journey of achieving your best self. Internal vs External.

Nothing of material will ever quantify how much I’ve grown as a person, coach, and bodybuilder throughout my last contest prep. I pushed myself past my limits, crushed my previous best, and broken down mental barriers time and time again. WIN, or LOSE, it’s very important (especially in this sport) to not let placings determine your worth, or capabilities.

Disassociate your attachment to the outcome, focus on yourself, put in the daily work, leave no stone unturned, and if that just so happens to coincide with what the judges believe is the desired physique should look like (muscularity, symmetry, conditioning, stage presence) then kudos, looks like you got a W.

250lb, 15 year old Ishak would’ve never of guessed I’d be where I’m at today. One thing I will always hold to the highest degree- is those  who find value in what I do. Whether that be from my content, me sharing my passions, to who I am as a person. A massive thank you, for the love and support you all show me on a daily basis, it means the world to me.

Moral of the story? Never underestimate what you’re able to accomplish as an individual. If you put your mind to it and believe you can do it, the possibilities for what you can accomplish is limitless.



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