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The (Not So) Simple Calorie Deficit

Posted by Coach Hawk on

The (not so) simple principle for gen pop fat loss nutrition.





Is this like reciting a mantra?? The more you say it the more your clients and prospects will understand??

The problem with the statement as an answer for clients, is that for the majority of people (coaches) saying it don’t understand the nuances of it, and are more than likely regurgitating lines they’ve seen trending somewhere. 🐸🍵

And for the people you’re saying it to you may as well be speaking another language.

These are the subtle nuances that impact TDEE, the components of Resting Energy Expenditure and Non Resting Energy Expenditure, and how they are individually influenced.

Let’s stop treating clients as if they should know dynamics of thermogenesis (when the majority of people - including myself to an extent - don’t understand the full spectrum of complex metabolism) and instead give them 2 actionable and digestible cues to work on.

The majority could start with:

🔹Tracking Cals./Macros (for the sake of tracking to learn, not a deficit)

🔹 More veg

🔹 Sufficient Protein

🔹Adequate Sleep (quality/quantity)

🔹 Resistance Training

🔹 Moving more

🔹 Stress management

That’s more than 2 ☺️

Are you a professional or coach?

Leave your thoughts down below.

Keep it simple, before it needs to be complex.

Short term fixes usually come with a high risk reward of at least twice what you paid- don’t forget simple biology and compounding daily choices.⁣ ⏳🗓🧘‍♂️🎯

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