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In this episode of Anabolic Radio I had the pleasure of speaking to New MR. O Title Holder Matt Jansen of Camp Jansen.

Matt has coached 16 IFBB pros to the Olympia in Mens Open, 212, figure and women's physique divisions. Among those athletes (not including the 5 qualifications for 2018) he has had four top 5 finishes, and three top 10 finishes. To this day one of the things he enjoys most within coaching is helping amateur athletes attain pro status, he relates it much like to the passion of college athletics in that there is a lot less stress involved in outside factors and pure joy when the goal is accomplished.

Over his coaching career Matt has helped 12 athletes attain IFBB pro status in figure, bikini, women's physique and mens bodybuilding. Some of the top names he has worked with throughout his career are Justin Compton - who he attributes a lot to for believing in him when he was un proven and bringing other top athletes to him, Dallas McCarver who grew to be best friends with Matt and was Matt's first Olympian. We dive into Matt's backstory and foundations within coaching in this episode. If you took something valuable away from it don't forget to leave a like and share!

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