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1. Enjoyment & Preference- all diets, regardless of their macro composition, can induce fat loss. What matters most is how compatible it is with your dietary preferences. You shouldn’t unnecessarily restrict foods or eat in a way you don’t enjoy. Do you enjoy eating carbs? Then going full-blown keto is probably a bad idea.

2. Appropriate Environment- If your house is filled with high calorie, hyper-palatable foods, there’s a very good chance you’re going to eat them even if you have healthier alternatives available. Your environment is not limited to food, but it's also the people you surround yourself with, what you watch, and what you listen to.

3. Energy Balance- Yes, I know, you want to be lean like yesterday. Unfortunately, you can’t force fat loss, and the more aggressive the deficit, the harder adherence becomes. This doesn’t mean aggressive dieting doesn’t work. In fact, some studies suggest it can be super effective. The problem is most people don’t know how to implement an aggressive diet properly and without the right support and guidance, they end up backfiring. So stick with a moderate deficit (or, I dunno, hire me to coach you?). I highly recommend starting at maintenance calories, or a moderate calorie deficit of ~15-20% below maintenance.

4. Realistic Expectations- Perhaps the biggest reason people fail with their fitness goals is due to what I call an Expectation-Reality Mismatch. Set fat loss targets between 0.5 – 1%  of your total body weight per week (when using percentages rate of loss automatically scales w/ body weight), set short term/long term goals, and take a big spoonful of patience.

5. Track Progress- Objective measurements will allow you to accurately assess progress- these could be:
🔹Weighing yourself and tracking averages.
🔹Taking progress photos
🔹Body measurements
🔹Tracking your training
🔹Using a pedometer to track NEAT.

6. Sleep- A good night’s sleep can make you feel on top of the world, capital A awesome. A poor night’s sleep has the exact opposite effect. Not only does it make you feel capital S shitty it also makes self-control harder because it increases hunger and cravings and impairs decision-making. Meaning: you’re far more likely to say ‘fuck it’ and end up balls deep in the cookie jar. Make your sleep a priority!
It always starts with the lowest hanging fruit, that's the key for sustainable changes.

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