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Unfortunately, with online coaching being easily accessible to a majority malpractice within the coaching space has become a very common issue.

Over the course of my career coaching I’ve heard some pretty ridiculous horror stories, people getting scammed, low calorie starvation diets, eliminating macronutrient groups and excessive amounts of cardio, drugs, the list goes on and on.

One of my main goals as an established coach within the evidence based space is to contribute in whatever way I can to help minimize bad coaching practices and help others find the true value of what they’re looking for when working with a coach.

Coaches on social feel the need for growth. That pressure likely comes from consuming Instagram mainstream, fitspos, or even business coaches- but before you start chasing dollars as a coach, you must chase passion.

Get really obsessed and being a proactive problem solver and figuring out how to apply knowledge/information/experience based on individual context.

Quality coaching means consistent effort in education and growth for both yourself and your clients. This means your failures, learning lessons, and mistakes should always come before your clients like a shield for their results.

Being excellent at your job is going to serve as the foundation for your client experience and given your work speaks for itself, your clients will do your marketing for you which will allow you to scale long term.

The expectation shouldn’t be perfection, rather continuous skill acquisition and consistent improvement over time. Tune into our full discussion to find the true value of what you need to be doing as a coach to level up your game!

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