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Fun fact Jeff actually coached me back in 2015, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. 

Changing your health, or setting a specific body composition related goal requires you to change your behavior in a sustainable long term manner. The current state of someone’s health depends on their current habits, thoughts, actions, and behavior. The sum of these variables ultimately determines someone's current state of mental and physical health.

A great deal of this is SUBCONSCIOUS and habitual in nature. This is the real challenge for someone who’s trying to improve their health, as it requires CHANGE and DISRUPTION. The status quo is comfortable, convenient, and what is known.

CHANGE is uncomfortable, unknown, and ‘inconvenient’ but this is what needs to happen for improvements to take place. Keeping this in mind, there are no quick-fix solutions that can sustainably bypass the long term behavioral changes. The best thing you can do is start attacking SMALL behaviors/habits that you want to change. These must be changes that you can COMMIT to and sustain long term.

This is how human psychology works, as behavior change requires consistency and forming new subconscious ‘programs’ based on daily repeated habits. Call it, ticking the box. ✔️ or as @3dmj_godfather says, making deposits in the physique account.

Start with a few small behavior/habit changes, then gradually add in more as you successfully work your way to a sustainable change. This is a slower process, but it is what is necessary— having a proper foundation will allow you to thrive. Trying to totally revamp your health in one shot is overwhelming and often unsustainable from a psychological standpoint. At the end of the day, you are ultimately in control of your health and wellness.

In this episode of Anabolic Radio we dive into topics regarding how the latest and greatest from the science realms can be something that prevents you from progressing in your own journey.

SCIENCE is the tool. It is an extremely helpful tool for testing specific (often hyper-specific) hypotheses and drawing potential conclusions from the results. The specific results of individual or groups of studies must then be carefully used to help paint a bigger picture of the truth. Studies are all minute pieces of a grand puzzle, and it’s the puzzle that matters most. We also spoke about Jeff's most recent contest prep, lessons learned and how he balanced being a husband and father throughout the entire process. If you don’t put bodybuilding into perspective, you run the risk of letting it run your life.

Tune into our discussion to find out what really matters when it comes to achieving your best self! 

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