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In this episode of Anabolic Radio I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Eugene Teo of GanbaruMethod. At the heart of science lies this one small fact: one size does not fit all. While general principles apply to all individuals, putting them into practice is more art than science. Innate differences in health, aerobic capacity, biomechanics, muscle fiber type, etc… all affect how you will respond to a specific program/protocol. Only through trial and error will you be able to determine what works for you. Science is the framework that should guide the development and execution of your training, but there is no substitute for experience and common sense. This is just one of the many conversations we had- We also spoke about the esoteric Muffin Man, money-hungry vultures in the industry, even got philosophical at one point.

Coach Eugene is someone I had the pleasure of learning from in late 2019. One of the biggest things my friendship with Eugene has allowed me to realize is... the one person you need to impress, is yourself. I'm sure self-doubt is something we all experience at some point in our lives- we need to shift perspective (including myself) and realize the power that's inside all of us. We need to create more awareness on the APPRECIATION OF SELF... because without that we’ll be looking/searching for something to give us validation for WHY we do what we do. Moreover, he's also allowed me to realize that "the world is your oyster" or something like that and the only person holding you back from achieving the things you want- is ultimately yourself. When you stop doubting yourself and realize what you’re truly capable of you’ll start moving differently. You know your true potential, you’ll start holding yourself more accountable to the things you say, all because you respect yourself that much more!

Thank you, Eugene for your time, looking forward to having you on for future discussions!

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