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Your subconscious mind is always listening to and believing everything you repeatedly say and think about yourself.

If you want proof of this principle in action, look no further than your current unconscious behaviors or beliefs.

Many of them were created in this same way- from repeatedly hearing a message, either from ourselves or those around us. You can use positive self-talk to override negative programming by erasing or replacing it by consciously practicing, thinking, feeling, visualizing and acting differently- embodying the change you want to cultivate. ⁣

I’m a strong believer that how you wake up each day, how you go about your morning routine plays a huge role in every facet of our lives. If you start your mornings off unfocused, laying in bed, constantly focusing on what’s happening in your external environment, then that will cause you to have an unproductive day and mediocre quality of life.

If you start your morning off focused, with intent, a proactive mindset, then that will produce focused, productive days. By directly changing our attitude when we wake up in the morning, you can radically change the tone of your day. Eventually that energy will flow into other areas of your life. ⁣

It starts at the basic of levels by setting short term/long term, (quantifiable) realistic goals. Whether that be a 30 minute walk in the morning/evening, or committing to a structured resistance training program- you enjoy and can adhere to. ⁣

Start with a few small behavior/habit changes, then gradually add in more as you successfully work your way to a sustainable change.

This is a slower process, but it is what is necessary— having a proper foundation will allow you to thrive. Trying to totally revamp your health in one shot is overwhelming and often times it's unsustainable.

So this week, pick up a new habit that you know will make a difference in your life. It can be anything! This was just one of the topic of discussions I managed to cover when speaking with @cwteamwillson on the latest episode of Anabolic Radio. Tune into the full episode to understand the true value of the mindset that's required to achieve your best self!

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