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“Education is not learning of fact, but the training of the mind to think critically” - Albert Einstein

The ability to think critically using logic and reasoning as our guides is the basis of every decision we make on a daily basis— it’s also the foundation for research and science.

Just because we can’t currently measure something, or don’t have a study to show something, does it mean that it should be dismissed? Ignored? Invalidated?

It’s easy to find a study to support an already biased opinion. It’s easy to hand pick a hyper focused population study/research that supports a given position.

SCIENCE is a tool and should be used as such.

It’s useful for allowing us to form principals, test specific hypotheses, and draw conclusions from the result.

A lot of research emphasizes on one specific topic, without much concern for the bigger picture of things. Not entirely a bad thing, but… The specific results of studies must be carefully used to paint the bigger picture.

Don’t get stuck comparing apples to oranges, just because your favorite influencer/fitness personality says something should be done as such.

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