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2020 - The Start of A New Decade

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Happy February!


Thank you for taking the time to check out this Article.


For the basis of this first article, I’m primarily going to be updating you all on some things that have been going on in my life and things I’m currently working on!


First up the life changes: January 2020 was a weird month. Many things occurred that we’re simply out of my control. I experienced a major setback with one of my projects, and I also lost someone whom I consider very close to me.


Emotional resilience is so important. It’s something that’s not taught, or understood.  More often than not, when we go through negative life experience we are not only detached from what we’re feeling, but we allow our emotions to dictate our behavior. We are most unconscious when we’re in a highly charged emotional state. We are in the past.  All of our reactions are habitual.


Can you remember the last time you were told to accept an emotion? Feel it?


Instead, we become the emotion: “I’m sad” “I’m angry.” We’re then in an unconscious state, strapped in for an emotional roller coaster. We have racing cyclical thoughts, vent, potentially turn to harmful behaviors, why? Because we do not know how to sit with difficult emotions.


We let any emotional experience become a “mood.” A mood that might last all day, several days, or weeks on end. This is a technique I use when feeling an emotional experience. It’s very simple, but it’s easier said than done. I still have many moments of emotional reactivity throughout my day, but the difference is how quickly I bounce back.


Emotional experiences no longer hijack my entire day or week like they did for most of my life. I no longer vent to others when going through a difficult experience. I found I was doing this often, as a distraction, and it kept me in the emotional loop much longer.


I still lean on people for support, but I do it once I’ve processed, felt, and supported myself. If you're going through something difficult just know you're not alone, be patient, I know it can be difficult to see now... but allow time to pass and you'll be thankful for the learning experience and opportunity for growth.


I’m not someone who screams and shouts on social media when going through difficult life experiences and I intend to keep most of the contents of what I’m going through personally… not to worry though! I 1000% will be using it as a learning experience to fuel my growth.


That said: 2020 is the year I go all-in with Hawk Fit.


I currently have a few projects/announcements in the works:


I launched my podcast Anabolic Radio which is currently live on all streaming platforms! This is something I’m super excited about because it’s long-form content!!! Its topics had in full context!!! A big issue in the industry is everything is taken out of context. Variables are looked at in isolation. This leaves many trainees either confused about what they need to do to progress… OR, it becomes something that prevents them from ever progressing. My goal with this podcast is to help diminish that and provide educational content that will help others with where they’re currently at in their own journey.


I’m writing another book! Due to the setbacks in January the anticipated release date had to be pushed back which is fine by me because honestly, I’d rather ensure quality control is there rather than trying to rush something. This book is going to be primarily focused on resistance training and discussing principles aimed to help improve trainees with where they’re currently at in their weight lifting journey. I believe that this is something that’s going to provide IMMENSE value to anyone who reads it no matter the level of advancement.


Digital products!! In addition to my podcast, and the book I’m working on… I’m also revising and working on the second version of my nutrition book.


I’m also working on a few training programs for you all :) This will include an in-depth guidebook and thought process behind the program, exercise selection, sequence, and a brief overview of training variables like volume, frequency, and intensity… This is to give you a birds-eye view on what you really need to be focusing on to progress!!


Moreover, my main jazz is coaching. It’s something that I’ve been confutable with, something I genuinely enjoy doing… Unfortunately, due to the quality, and how much I offer. I’m limited with how many clients I’m able to work with 1 on 1. Due to this, I will be aiming to reach full capacity this year with my roster— which is when I’ll start looking for another coach that will bring value to the #TeamHawk.


Finally, I’m working on something very special that I don’t want to reveal too much about just yet… Let’s just say it’s going to deliver IMMENSE value for a very small price! :)


Besides all the personal projects I have in the works for 2020, I also intend to travel this year due to not being in contest prep!! First trip will be the Arnold in Ohio with my sponsors Legion Athletics. Super pumped to meet and chat with everyone, I’d also like to potentially make my way over to the UK, and MAYBE a personal vacation?!?! What?!?! Seriously I have had a vacation in 4 years, It would be epic to take some time for myself. Looking into maybe Bali, or Hawaii, if you travel frequently and have any recommendations I’d love to hear from you!


Genuinely excited for everything I have coming this year! Genuinely appreciate everyones consistent love and support it means the absolute world to me!


Until next time, you can always reach me via IG, or email.


I hope everyone has a fantastic 2020!

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