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Whether your goal be building muscle, or losing body fat look no further— each chapter in the book is placed in order of importance to ensure you have a complete understanding of the topics presented. The Fundamental Concepts of Nutrition and Training is a complete nutritional reference guide aimed to help you understand: what macros/micros are, how to calculate them, and the truth behind building muscle and losing body fat.

I originally wrote this book to be used for my clients. After my clients raved to me about how much they loved it, I sent a few copies to friends and the response was the same! I later realized how much others would benefit from it, so I took some time to perfect it.

I would compare this to having a personal coach in a book. After reading this reference guide you’ll understand: the concepts that influence overall progress, how to optimize nutrition to maximize results, and unveil the truth behind nutrient timing, frequency of meals, and muscle protein synthesis. The book also comes with a Hawk Fit nutrition log to help you track your macros and overall progress.


  • Nutrition E-Book: Full Version of The Fundamental Concepts of Training and Nutrition complete with research references at the end of each chapter.

  • Hawk Fit Nutrition Log: Complete Excel, or Numbers spreadsheet with sections to track macros, weigh-in's, activity levels, and cardio.

  • Understanding Energy Balance: Unfold the truth on energy balance and the factors that influence fat loss, or weight gain— understand how to calculate your calorie intake and macros.

  • Fitness Goals Made Simple: Become enlightened by recognizing deep rooted misconceptions about nutrition, and learn how to effectively progress toward your fat loss, or muscle gain goals.

  • Maximizing Results: Unveil the truth behind nutrient timing, frequency of meals, muscle protein synthesis, and supplements.

  • Private Community: Access to Ishak and the entire Hawk Fit community— ask your questions, leave feedback, and motivate each other as a family and community!

  • Lifetime Updates: Free lifetime updates!

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